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Home Security Camera System

Wireless Home Security Camera System

YI Home cameras is a cheap well specification and functioning as best wireless security cameras outdoor for intensive video surveillance or monitoring your home, office or business place. It has many types and also very cheap and multi functional.
YI Home  Outdoor Wireless Security Camera well designed and very easy to operate to anywhere and anytime.

Main Features of wireless security camera system:

 You can be used YI Home camera as best wireless security cameras as of it’s safe  Cloud Storage, protected and secure for 24 hours and 7 days. Activity alerts for 7days in YI Cloud storage is totally Free. Two way audio system and remote monitoring through Wi-Fi connection. Besides these YI Home Camera has below features:
1.  Infrared Night Vision mode for clear view.
2. High Definition and schedule recording, Remote switch, Audible alarm,

3. IOS and Android supported Apps, Video steaming and playback, Motion detection.                                                         ispy camera

4. Real time video option for better video performance
5. PTZ Control button for moving the camera
6. Cloud videos playback or edit.
7. Favorites videos playback and share with your family members or friends.
8. Close or Open the camera and monitoring plan settings.
9. Inserting SD Card into camera for recording unlimited videos for local backup up to 32 GB. Must use after  formatting the Card in FAT System.
10. Here activity alerts also can be set for Baby Crying and Motion Detection.
11. YI Cloud device list also be found here by adding more than one cameras on a single  account.
12. Other settings include Device Name, Time Zone, HD Video Quality, Device microphone open or close settings, Night vision settings.
13. Notification Settings:

  • Alarm Messaging for any occurrence or illegal issue
  • Create Albums and manage storage
  • Set email notification
  • Schedule notification
  • Open or close mobile phone notification
  • My Coupons Offers
  • FAQ option.

How to install security cameras

Wireless Security Camera System Installation with Operation:

Dear valued users here we would like to instruct you for operating the YI Dome camera which is very easy and simple:

  1. Search and download the apps YI Home from Google Play store or Apple store.

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  1. Install the Apps.
  2. Open the apps and register/sign up by entering email id and password for first time only.After successful registration then login using mail id and password.

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  1. When home screen appear then click the sign + in the right top corner.
  2. Then by selecting your camera model you can easily connect or configured to your Mobile device or Tablet. Here you can also Scan QR Code seen in the top to select your camera model.
  3. After selecting the camera, Reset it by pressing SET Button on the back side of  camera. After reset you hear  a voice. When Heared the voice just click on I heard “waiting to connect”.

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  1. Now input Wi-Fi password and connect the Wi-Fi network by pressing the button Connect to Wi-Fi.
  2. Here you need to place the camera directly to QR code for scanning.
  3. Now click Next and it will only take 1-2 minutes to pair the camera with your device.


  1. After pairing you will get a confirmation signal. Now start the remote viewing.

IP surveillance monitoring is quickly becoming the most versatile and future-proof option to install security cameras, it is significant for users to understand common problems, personalization options and the advantages of a fully electronic program.

10 steps that protection experts can take in order to apply a successful IP Surveillance system.  These 10 actions will enable any protection professional to avoid problems and apply best practices, making IP surveillance set ups easier to install and manage.

Step 1: Choosing a process camera

It is significant to select security cameras that meet the needs of your company and set up. This includes electronic cameras that can be pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ), water-proof, weather-resistant, or fixed-dome products. Each kind of security camera can be combined into an IP-Surveillance program to create a total package that resolves your protection needs. Also, we have to consider that not all program electronic cameras are reasonable quality. Some low-cost program security cameras may look attractive at first, but protection experts need to understand how the ingredients of a process security camera impact the camera’s performance and strength.

Step 2: Compression

All video monitoring systems use some kind of pressure for it. Without effective pressure, systems would break to a stop due to the size of it clips. Selecting the right pressure is vital, and includes choices between exclusive or industry standard ways such as Movement JPEG or MPEG-4. Compression can also figure out whether movie is acceptable in court cases, an important consideration for protection and surveillance set ups.

Step 3: Video Management

These days, movie techniques can assess situations and take the appropriate action, rather than just passively recording movie.

Video control tools are reliant on the application and many factors have to be considered. We’ll look at problems of available data transfer usage, storage space abilities, scalability, frame-rate control and incorporation abilities.

 Step 4: Storage

The ability to use start storage space alternatives is one of the main benefits with IP surveillance. Considerations when identifying storage space requirements include structure amount, how long it needs to be saved, the required redundancy, and which type of storage space that fits best, e.g. a storage space space program, or program attached storage space.

Step 5: Integrating Analogue Cameras

So you have analog cameras? These also can be incorporated into a program video system using video web servers. The analog camera is basically connected to videos server, which digitizes, squeezes and sends video over the program. Many periods, this is useful in reducing set up costs because older equipment can continue to be used. However, there are instances in which it is not sufficient to basically turn an analog security camera video streaming flow into electronic due to restrictions in video quality.

Step 6: Wi-Fi Networking

Sometimes wireless alternatives are the best and most cost-effective option for protection and monitoring set ups. For example it could be useful in ancient structures, where the set up of wires would damage the interior, or within facilities where there is a need to move electronic cameras to new places on a consistent basis. The technology can also be used to link sites without expensive ground wiring.

Step 7: Developing the Network

Each program design will be specific to the needs of the user and the specified installation. Beyond the actual security cameras, it is necessary consider IP dealing with and transport methods along with transmission methods, data transfer usage, scalability and program protection.

Step 8: Security

Securing video is one of the most important actions in creating a successful IP surveillance set up. Nearly all protection and monitoring applications contain sensitive information that should not be available to anyone with an Internet connection. Understanding and choosing the right protection options – such as fire walls, virtual private networks (VPNs) and password protection will eliminate problems that an IP monitoring product is start to the public.

Step 9: Hot Technologies

Today far more movie is being recorded than anyone could ever observe or search. Therefore, the next big trend in IP surveillance is brilliant. Advanced program security cameras can have built-in motion detection and event managing. In addition, more brilliant methods – such as number (license) dish identification, people counting — are being incorporated into protection and monitoring techniques. Network cameras and brilliant video have essential synergies that make the techniques more reliable and efficient than those with a DVR or other recording program.

Step 10: Best Practices

Over the last few years, thousands of IP monitoring techniques have been installed, and many training have been learned. These range from simple tips about electronic camera positioning and lighting conditions to working with IT divisions and specialists to find out problems such as the height periods for program usage.

For home security camera setup place choosing in the right location is an important as a part of camera installation. Proper Placement of your security camera provide the most extensive field-of-view possible:  installed on wall, posts or content, they provide a spectacular opinion of 360° and a ground-to-sky opinion of 135° Right positioning provides both high-speed and ultra-slow, jerk-free pan and point motions. This enables camera providers to determine any spot in an instant or run secure trip with smooth spectacular watching.

Selecting right positioning of security cameras are easy to install in several different ways and include SFP spots for cost-effective system connection over long ranges.

Some security cameras have built-in engines and heating units only use extra power under challenging varying weather conditions, such as strong gusts of wind and excessive cold.

To do so, it’s best to walk through your house with your protection goals in mind. Consider locations like top of the floor, door top, wall mount, and house outside wall, garage gates or even cellars as points of access or any hidden place from where it would be easily focus towards intruders.

Another good tip for home security camera placement is to set up real cameras out of reach if possibly out of sight. Then, position authentic looking dummy cameras around your property. That way, if a thief does break one of your cameras, it’ll be an inexpensive dummy and you’ll have a video of the act.

Here are five places where you should always use a house monitoring camera:

Outside Balcony to view main entrance gate:

It will be helpful for you if you place a camera to a suitable place for viewing main entrance door. The focus area is more than other area in your homestead because main gate coverage area requires comparatively more space. Main gate of house is the main entrance and people use frequently that passage as usual.

Front Door

As all thieves get into your house through the door way, so you’ll want to train one of your monitoring cameras here. To prevent a thief from tampering with you, position it is suggested that setting a camera on the top of front door permits you to view or identify the entrance of burgles.  

You can use a doorbell camera, so you can see who’s knocking before you open the doorway.
Ring Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell is one of the best-rated cameras, with a great ranking.

Back Door

Then a major portion of house thieves get into through the back and side gates, so you will want cameras here, as well. It’s important to arm each gates with a security camera. Again, try to placed you out of the reach of human hands, or to protect it from anything a thief might throw at it.

Be sure to use a security camera that’s both weatherproof and is equipped with evening perspective.

Back Window

Placing cameras at rear windows will allow you to catch any criminals who may be out of perspective of the road. Burglars often get into a house by breaking or cutting window. By choosing a screen that is not in direct perspective of the road, they decrease their chance of being caught.

Your best option here is to use a wireless home security camera that has remote control capabilities and can be operated from a mobile device or tablet.

Lawn and garden side

Be sure to support your yard with motion-sensor floodlights and every evening perspective monitoring security camera. Things like expensive lawn and garden machinery and kids’ bikes left out can attract criminals to your yard. If your backyard is fenced in, make sure you has a view of the entrance checkpoint.

Place a security camera in plain sight. Often, just seeing a house home protection systems security camera is enough to make a house burglar move on to another house.

Home Stairs

If your house is multi storied you can place a security camera to top of the stairs.  Place a camera on the stairways leading up from the underground room to your house to record any criminals who may break into your house through a underground room screen or other entryway.

When it comes to securing your underground room, you want to use movement indicator house home protection systems security cameras that come with evening perspective. Many home protection systems providers offer motion-sensitive cameras with infrared evening perspective with a low cost and top-class functionality.