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How to Install a Video doorbell

Video doorbell provides you with the security and convenience you have been looking for. During the research process, we received feedback from multiple brands. Correct install of a video doorbell is very important. This is the general installation guide and working mode of the video door entry system, which can guide you and prepare for the installation. About the lessons, we learned. If you haven’t bought a video walkie-talkie and want to know which doorbell to buy for your house, please check our buying guide.

Now install a wired video doorbell with two wires that have been connected to the electricity in your home. If you have a battery-powered model, please skip to the battery-powered section. Now, let’s start to install the wired video doorbell. First, download a mobile application that connects your phone to the video.

Most video doorbells have installation instructions and visual instructions to guide you through the entire process. However, we found that the descriptions of other models from different manufacturers were unclear. This actually depends on the video doorbell you buy. Then turn off the doorbell switch during the installation process. This is important because it is the only way to safely handle wires. If you are not satisfied with the power supply or cables, please consider having a professional install the doorbell.

Next, check the bell transformer, which is usually located next to a switchboard or in a cabinet. Record video continuously. Then check all wires and test your doorbell. We found this part to be the most difficult, but take a deep breath. Remove the cover to see if it is a mechanical doorbell or a digital doorbell. The mechanical bell has a small hammer, and whenever someone presses the bell, the hammer will strike a metal rod. The digital clock is actually a small speaker that plays the melody. If you have a digital ringtone, you may need to install a special adapter on the cable connected to the ringtone.

To test, you can try to use a mechanical doorbell for the Nest Hello video doorbell. We must install this doorbell connector that comes with the kit. This means that your existing cables can provide constant power to the equipment. For information on model requirements, see the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s time to remove your existing doorbell. Unscrew the screws from outside the house, and then disconnect the wires from the two clips on the back of the doorbell. Now, let us organize your new video doorbell. Drill pilot holes. Inwood or anchor holes (if you have bricks or stones). Place the mounting brackets so that the cables pass through them and fasten them to the surface. Connect the wires to the brackets of the two-wire clips. Then put the doorbell on the bracket. Screw in the adjusting screw. It depends on the location.

For the doorbell, you can install a part that fits the frame. This part tilts the doorbell camera so you can see a better view instead of the camera looking directly at the wall. Your video intercom should now be installed and ready to use. The buzzer sounded again. Make sure the doorbell rings correctly, then open the mobile app to connect the doorbell to the home Wi-Fi network. At this time, you may be required to subscribe to cloud video storage services. Before you start, make sure the battery is fully charged. Then connect the doorbell bracket to the outside of the house. If your wall is made of brick, stone, or concrete, you may need to use special anchors and drill bits.

Install the doorbell to the bracket. Install the fixing screws fixed at the bottom of the doorbell. They can prevent the device from being stolen. Set up the doorbell application on the smartphone, connect the doorbell to the Wi-Fi network, and then set the doorbell. Connect the doorbell to your WiFi and synchronize it with the doorbell. That’s it. Just install a battery-powered video doorbell and remember that we recommend setting up two-step verification for any video doorbell to ensure that your account is protected from hackers.

How does a Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell Works

Here, we explain the working principle of the Wi-Fi smart video doorbell. With this smart doorbell, never miss visitors or deliveries again. It broadcasts directly to your phone or tablet. You can record or take photos on any device. During the day or night, unlike other brands, there is no monthly subscription. You can also talk directly with people at your door because they can have two-way audio communication.

Moreover, through the noise reduction microphone, you can clearly hear the human voice. The video doorbell is equipped with a smart camera with 720p HD resolution and an installed 8 GB micro SD card. It also has two rechargeable batteries, so it can be used. It contains motion sensors with a range of 6 meters and 166 degrees. A wide-angle lens, even if no one rings the doorbell, can notify you when your house activity is detected on your phone or tablet. Even at night, the smart Wi-Fi doorbell also has a hidden infrared night vision function, which can be turned on automatically in low light conditions, allowing you to stay calm all day long.

Therefore, here, you have many options to choose from. To install the battery, press the back cover to release it, and then use the screwdriver provided. Remove the screws that secure the battery cover. Remove the screws and remove the cover, insert the battery, close the cover and tighten the screws. All you have to do to set it up is to download the app to your phone from the App Store or Google Play.

In this way, you can connect to your product in one place. Turn off the doorbell and place it in the driveway, clearly visible. If you want to connect it to an existing system, you can use the kit that comes with it. Open the app and click the plus sign in the upper right corner. Select the black doorbell camera from the menu. Check that the light on the front of the doorbell is flashing, and then press the next button on the phone. To connect the doorbell, you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network at 2.4 GHz. Connect to the Wi-Fi network, enter the password, and press OK. When you move to the next screen, you will see a QR code. Hold the camera 6 to 8 inches in front of the phone. After connecting, you will hear a beep, then press the beep button. When it reaches 100%, you can start using it.