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Google Nest Security System

Everybody wants to stay safe and secure when he/she is at work. Google’s nest security system is not too different from a traditional security system. In Google Nest Security System the nest guard base station is used to detect motion sensors and nest tags for disabling the alarm on the surface. The whole system is almost similar to a traditional security system. In this system, there is a keypad with protecting code with different arming modes. This can be used when anyone stays at home or away from home. Google’s nest security system provides safety to its consumers through different nest-operated or branded products or devices.

Nest cam is one of the battery-powered google security system devices. In case of power turned off or goes out this device has the capability to detect unusual entrance with its sensors stick on the door, window, or on the wall. It also can detect motion in a room what makes this different and better than those traditional systems. Here is the control with which users can start with the app. This all connects to the same nest app that is also used for the thermostat or camera or any nest products. It connects easily by scanning barcodes on the back of the sensor and the base station and the tags and also follows the on-screen instructions. Simply, the guard station connects to a Wi-Fi network. So, users can be connected and have the option for five dollars a month or fifty dollars a year to have cellular connectivity. So users never are offline like if the power goes out and if have wish anyone can subscribe to professional 24/7 monitoring. 

Google nest alarm system

Security just for that added protection although neither of these options are required to use the network secure. Now in addition to the base station, it has motion-detected sensors. These can go on a door on a window or they can attach to the wall to detect motion in a room also. They have alight built-in so if users walking around in the middle of the night.

So if you need to go to the bathroom or something it will light up the path and you don’t have to turn on the light and disturb someone else. The sensor has a button built-in with a feature called quiet open so say it’s the middle of the night and you just need to go outside for some reason.

Your house is armed you don’t really want to turn off the alarm but you still need to get outside you just push that button. It lets you open the door and when you close it, it gets armed again. Now, once all the hardware is installed you can move to the app. Here you can set your passcode it can be whatever you’d like and you can change it anytime as well and to arm the system. You just push the button on the base station and they have different modes for when you’re at home or when you’re leaving in the app though you can tailor each situation to your specific needs.

So, for instance when you have the alarm set to a way you have motion detection turned on. But you can easily turn that off and you have the alarm countdown set for three minutes. So, you don’t have to be rushed to get out the door it’s going to give you plenty of time. The important matter is that if you forget to set the alarm which has happened a time or two when you leave it. Then it sends signals to your phone and you can just set the alarm from there. Now in the app, you can monitor everything that happens.

So, if the google nest security system detects motion or detects a door opening you’re going to get pinged on your phone also. It’ll integrate seamlessly with your system so if it detects motion you’ll also be able to watch what’s going on inside your house. When returning home the system comes with two Nest tags. These are little chips that you can put on your key ring and instead of entering your code you just tap this on the base station and it’ll disarm your system.

Now, what’s great about these is you can give them to anyone that needs to access your house like a dog walker or a cleaner. You can give them one of these tags and set a time for when they can actually access your home. So if the dog walker needs to walk the dog at two o’clock they can access your house at 2.00 but at 2:30 the alarms gonna go off. It is a relatively full-featured system as the system cysts. Now it will definitely bring you some security that everything at home is safe.