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Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System

Best Home Security Cameras-Buyer’s Guideline

Home security cameras through home security Camera system through are the first step of protection when it comes to protecting what’s most important—your home, property and family. Outdoor monitoring through video surveillance system provides the guarantee that anything unwanted approaching your property and home will be captured on that video. Outdoor home security cameras keep a close view or contact to targeted object or something through a system of inter working components and devices installing in home’s outdoor unit.

Here, it’s about home security systems, which are networks of integrated electronic devices like security camera, ip camera or CCTV Camera that are working together with a specific network managed by central control panel to protect against burglars and other home valuable assets from theft.

Outdoor Home Security cameras or CCTV Camera Surveillance structures reveal any outside area video record that you need.

Common Market place, Entrances of school, colleges and offices, public place, walkways, road side in security cameras is now plays a vital role.  Depending on is every owner of a house’s needs placement is dependent on several variable factors.

Home Security Cameras are mainly of two types:

  1. Indoor Security Cameras
  2. Outdoor Security Cameras

Home security cameras Installation Task

As per structure of home placement or installation of security one or more cameras may varies on demand and requirement. Whatever the overall installation task depends on below factors:

  1. Plan your system.
  2. Obtain all required equipment and tools.
  3. Site all equipment.
  4. Route all cables.
  5. Drill cable and mounting holes.
  6. Make all connections into equipment.
  7. Secure all equipment in place.
  8. Power on and test the system.

You can use a Ray marine network switch to connect multiple cameras to a single multi-functional display system. Each camera requires a separate power supply.

You can connect the product to a PC or laptop computer, directly via the computer’s Ethernet connector or through WIFI network.

Home Security Cameras Location Setup

This product is suitable by place it anywhere and for controlling any target object.

The product should be mounted where it will be protected from physical damage. Avoid excessive vibration and select well ventilated place away from heat sources.

Following points to ensure while choosing a location for setup or fixed the camera

for reliable and trouble-free operation:

  • Sufficient space for cable connection and easy Accessibility
  • Diagnostics of LED is easily visible.
  • The camera should be mounted far enough away from any equipment that may cause interference such as motors, generators and radio transmitters / receivers.
  • Maintaining a suitable distance between this camera and any if any magnetic compasses nearby.
  • To keep cable runs to a minimum, the Camera must be located as close as possible to DC power supply.
  • Ensure the product is adequately supported on a secure surface space.

Home Security Camera Components

Components of  typical Home Security Camera Systems:

  • Camera
  • Cable
  • Monitors
  • Hard Drive for image and video storage
  • DVR (Digital Video Recording)/NVR
  • Adapter/Power supply

Best Security Camera Brands and their Products

Leading security camera brands and popular options

In present times there are many camera brands which are familiar with for the basic types of outdoor security cameras. We’re going to present below some popular brands to introduce you for selecting security camera keep in mind the best brand and also comparatively cheap in price. The types of camera which meet your need properly as well as options available and easy to use for each brand’s models.

yi camera

Some Main and common Features YI Brand Cameras:

  1. High Definition and schedule recording, Remote Switch, Audible Alarm, Video steaming and playback, Motion detection.
  2. IOS and Anroid supported Apps, Real time video option for better video performance
  3. PTZ Control button for moving the camera.
  4. Cloud videos playback or edit, Infrared Night Vision mode for clear view.
  5. Favorites videos playback and share with your family members or friends.
  6. SD Card Using Option/Slot for recording unlimited videos for local backup.
  7. Here activity alerts also can be set for Baby Crying and Motion Detection.
  8. Notification Settings for Alarm Messaging for any occurrence or illegal issue, Create Albums and manage storage, Set email notification, Schedule notification, Open or close mobile phone notification.

Best Selling Security Cameras From YI Brand
YI Home security Cameras            yi security camera                 YI indoor security camera

zmodo security camera

Zmodo provides the best design and out looking multi-functional/featured cameras. Zmodo specializes in security products such as both indoor & outdoor cameras, DVR , NVR, surveillance systems, Doorbell video, Other Integrated video platforms and intelligent management systems. In consideration to manufacturing, sales, and service, point of view Zmodo provides the best security solutions to various sectors in home, office, business place, financial institution, other office and business premises, hospitals, educational institutions, roads and highways with most busy public places.

Zmodo Security Camera Features

  1. Build-in web server supports, high compression rates and flexible operation, day & night viewing,
  2. Remote Access via Smartphone or PC & scanning a QR code,
  3. Multiple user simultaneously, multi-level management ensures high system security,
  4. Automatic recovery functions when the system temporarily loses internet connection,
  5. Auto white balance & backlight compensation, Advanced Motion Detection Recording,
  6. PPPoE, DDNS, LAN, and Internet (ADSL, Cable Modem), Durable & Weather Resistant.

Best Selling Security Cameras and Camera Systems from Zmodo

      More Details 

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System (4 pack) Smart HD Outdoor WiFi IP Cameras with Night Vision

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Zmodo EZCam Pro – 1080p HD Wireless Kid and Pet Monitoring Security Camera with Night Vision, Two Way Audio, and Cloud Recording -2 pack

The Australian based company Swann started since 1987 and is readily available at amazon in wide range and variety. Considering some basic function like OSD (On-Screen Display) which enables you to control the appearance and characteristics of the image shown on your camera. This option can be adjusted easily to obtain the best possible image quality in any surveillance environment, providing you the flexibility to install the camera in the most challenging of lighting situations. Surveillance in the palm of your hand with live view and playback on Smartphone & tablets including iPhones, iPads & Android devices using the free Home Safe View app

    Swann’s outdoor security cameras feature

  • OSD (On-Screen Display), CCD (charge-coupled device) sensors, which deliver high quality images in a wide range of light.
  • Infrared technology, Easy installation
  • Resistance in extreme temperatures (4-140 Degree F)

Most Popular Security Cameras and DVR Systems from SWANN:

Swann Home Security camera                            

This global company is specialized in video surveillance of every kind, calling out “Loss Prevention” as the way we need to think in order to protect ourselves today. Readily available in thousands of North American retailers, Lorex offers upwards of 150 models.

Lorex Security Cameras:

  • CMOS image sensor for excellent image quality, High-resolution video.
  • Zoom capabilities, 6mm wide-angle mega pixel board lens and 20m beam distance
  • Wide Field of View, Day/night mode that will switch to black and white video in low light conditions, Anti-glare features for clear images even in the brightest light
  • Full HD (supports image resolutions up to 1920 x1080 (1080p), at 30 fps), Multi-streaming of H.264 and MJPEG
  • The camera can also be connected to a PC which enables use of the built-in web interface to access additional features. These additional features can only be set or used via a connected PC.
  • The video record time or duration actually depends on IP Camera resolution and settings, lighting conditions and available storage space. 12 V DC power.

Most Selling Home Security Cameras  from Lorex

Best Home security camera

Loftek emphasis mainly on the development, design and manufacturing of video surveillance and security product as per customer requirement. This brand includes a wide range of high-quality security cameras that are designed to mainly outdoor environments as well as indoor and deliver special day/night video quality also in complete darkness.

Loftek Security Cameras Features

  • Motion Detection/Activity can be Integrated into and Alarm/Alert System: The camera features optional motion detection alerts, which notify you when the camera detects activity. This makes the camera perfect for home security, or to just let you know that your kids made it home safely from school.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Traditionally big organizations have always had the benefits of video surveillance manned by security professionals. The capturing and transmission of images and videos take time short with this camera. It also check and reply to alarms immediately.
  • Availability: Noticing alerts through DIY home security cameras almost setup at any place from a small store to homes, office and business places. As a result, this system ensures better security at a low cost.
  • Both are in wired and wireless models
  • Wide angle lenses and distance viewing
  • WiFi Streaming Hidden Camera: The WiFi Camera Kit connects to your existing WiFi network in your home or office, which allows it to stream live video directly to your smartphone.
  • Easy video streaming to your smartphone.
  • Built-in high quality rechargeable battery with backup.

Best Selling Security Cameras from LOFTEK

Best Home security camera indoor               

 foscam security camera

Foscam a renounced name in security camera world which is available in amazon in wide variety of numbers and design. All of the products of Foscam are user friendly, hassle-free installation, easy to operate and comes with lifetime live customer support.

FOSCAM is a reliable name to lead a more secure life for the people all around the world by providing the highest quality security products in a competitive price. Foscam brand company’s philosophy is simple and direct, specific and efficient.

Best Home Security Camera                 

Defender Security camera

Best Selling Security Cameras and Camera Systems from DEFENDER Brand

Best Home security camera                                       


Best Selling Security Cameras and Camera Systems from Logitech
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