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Best Wireless Security Camera

Best Wireless security camera system

YI Home cameras is a cheap well specification and functioning as best wireless security cameras outdoor for intensive video surveillance or monitoring your home, office or business place. It has many types and also very cheap and multi functional.
YI Home  Outdoor Wireless Security Camera well designed and very easy to operate to anywhere,and anytime.

Main Features of wireless security camera system:

 You can be used YI Home camera as best wireless security cameras as of it’s safe  Cloud Storage, protected and secure for 24 hours and 7 days. Activity alerts for 7days in YI Cloud storage is totally Free. Two way audio system and remote monitoring through WiFi connection. Besides these YI Home Camera has below features:
1.  Infrared Night Vision mode for clear view.
2. High Definition and schedule recording, Remote switch, Audible alarm,

3. IOS and Anroid supported Apps, Video steaming and playback, Motion detection.                                                         ispy camera

4. Real time video option for better video performance
5. PTZ Control button for moving the camera
6. Cloud videos playback or edit.
7. Favorites videos playback and share with your family members or friends.
8. Close or Open the camera and monitoring plan settings.
9. Inserting SD Card into camera for recording unlimited videos for local backup upto 32 GB. Must use after  formatting the Card in FAT System.
10. Here activity alerts also can be set for Baby Crying and Motion Detection.
11. YI Cloud device list also be found here by adding more than one cameras on a single  account.
12. Other settings include Device Name, Time Zone, HD Video Quality, Device microphone open or close settings, Night vision settings.
13. Notification Settings:

  • Alarm Messaging for any occurrence or illegal issue
  • Create Albums and manage storage
  • Set email notification
  • Schedule notification
  • Open or close mobile phone notification
  • My Coupons Offers
  • FAQ option.

How to install security cameras

Wireless Security Camera System Installation with Operation:

Dear valued users here we would like to instruct you for operating the YI Dome camera which is very easy and simple:

  1. Search and download the apps YI Home from Google Play store or Apple store.

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  1. Install the Apps.
  2. Open the apps and register/sign up by entering email id and password for first time only.After successful registration then login using mail id and password.

best spy camera

  1. When home screen appear then click the sign + in the right top corner.
  2. Then by selecting your camera model you can easily connect or configured to your Mobile device or Tablet. Here you can also Scan QR Code seen in the top to select your camera model.
  3. After selecting the camera, Reset it by pressing SET Button on the back side of  camera. After reset you hear  a voice. When Heared the voice just click on I heard “waiting to connect”.

live spy camera     micro spy camera

  1. Now input WiFi password and connect the WiFi network by pressing the button Connect to WiFi.
  2. Here you need to place the camera directly to QR code for scanning.
  3. Now click Next and it will only take 1-2 minutes to pair the camera with your device.



  1. After pairing you will get a confirmation signal. Now start the remote viewing.


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