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Wireless security camera system with dvr

Home Security WiFi Camera

This type of wifi CCTV camera security system mainly consists of 03 individual cameras with a separate base station with internal storage and advanced networking system. At present time security is a great issue for everyday life. Security measures are the main consideration for us, in what way security will be taken and come to be effective.

WiFi CCTV Camera Features:

In this issue- Arlo Q Netgear-1080P HD Security Camera plays a vital role for your home, office or business place. This camera is water proof, weather resistant, dust & sunlight proof and also free of power cord as it connected in WIFI system or network. Here less hassle for wiring in the wall that reduces both cost and time.

It is looking good without wire and anywhere placement is possible anytime of your home, office or business place as it connected wirelessly. Indoor and outdoor placement is convenient for this type of cameras. Rechargeable batteries provides best facilities for Arlo Pro cameras for fast charging.

  1. Each camera has 1280×720 HD Video capturing resolution with H264 Video format.
  2. Auto adaptive both white and black balance and exposure with full color and CMOS Imaging.
  3. Audio features, automatic email alerts and push notifications motion detection.
  4. High power rechargeable battery (2440 mAh) with battery level indication.
  5. Easy placement, Anytime anywhere, 130 degree field of view with fixed focus, weight 4.802 (136 gm)
  6. Dimension 3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 in (79.3 x 48.6 x70.5 mm)
  7. Nice design for easy handling with night vision mood with motion activation
  8. Email or apps notification for any types of trouble.

Base Station

  1. Fast Ethernet port, three indicators LEDs for power, Internet and camera.
  2. 900 MHz ARM cortex A7 Processor, 128 MB RAM and 128 MB Flash Memory.
  3. High speed internet connection is required for better performance. 2.3 x 6.9x 5.0 inch in dimension, Weight-316 gm, Operating temperature is low. Low power requirement for operation.

As this camera is connected to network here a chance of live viewing for remote monitoring through mobile, TAB, PC, Laptop or other devices as you like best. Anytime anywhere placement is possible for this camera model. Indoor and Outdoor installment or placement facility. Voice receive and send like mobile phones through 2 way Audio Built mic speaker provides push to talk capability. Records movement or sound-activated occasions in your cloud to be gotten to from anyplace by means of the Arlo application. Improved night vision ability gives you a chance to see unmistakably even in all out darkness.

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