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Samgsung Gear 360

Samgsung Gear 360 

Samsung Gear 360 is perfect for outside activities, unique places, or in meetings where you’d want a complete perspective of your environment. It can also be fun for family events or other events, though it isn’t perfect for quick, everyday photography. Overall, it’s just a neat, useful device.


The addition of a manage helps create the second creation of the New samsung gear 360 simpler to support and operate than the past design. Plus, the easy-to-use control buttons and little screen that allows you to personally modify the configurations also helps create the design more user-friendly. Because the 360 camera is little, light and portable, it can stand on its own or connect to a tripod or selfie stick.

Low price

It is more than $100 cheaper than the past design and much cheaper than many similar cameras. This is a big reason this camera is perfect for people new to capturing VR and 360° video clips.

VR movie capabilities

Speaking of which, the next fantastic factor is that you can take virtual reality (VR) movie clips and publish them to Samsung’s VR system. In fact, the Equipment 360 was created to be used with the samsung gear VR, so if taking and discussing VR movie clips is what interests you, using those two items is the best way to start doing that.

Flexible movie quality options

Whether you’re capturing a VR movie or a conventional one, the samsung gear 360 stands out in movie method. The big selling feature is that it can history a 360° movie in 4K quality (4096 x 2048) at 24 frames per second (fps). However, this is not the most efficient setting for your camera—recording in 4K will take up more space on your SD cards and strain the camera’s (and your smartphone’s) battery power more quickly. Videos in 4K can also take much longer to publish on your cellphone, especially on older or iOS cellular phones.samsung gear 360 (2017)

Beyond the 4K abilities, the 360 also has many recording personalization choices, such as the quality and video recording rate, which will affect the most recording time available. For example, you can capture image or video with a individual lens at a reduced quality (1920 x 1080) but at a faster rate (60fps) for up to 180 moments. Or if you want a 360° movie not in 4K, you can capture at 30fps and a quality of 2560 x 1280 for up to 130 moments. We love to see multiple choices for highest possible functionality, and the Equipment 360 provides that.

Live broadcasting

Another awesome factor for the new samsung gear 360 is that you can flow your video clips stay to system of your choice—and even better, it’s easy to do. You just pair you with your smart cellphone or PC, select a system to flow to, and you’re ready to go. Because a 4K movie file is huge, the quality of an active transmitted is much less than 4K (1920 x 960). You can only use this selection with specific new samsung cellular phones with the latest Android operating system application.

Mobile app and PC software

To create the most of you, you need to connect it to a suitable smart cellphone and obtain the cellular app (available for Android operating system and iOS) or a computer with PC application and obtain the 360 application. With those tools you can modify, sew together, and share your pictures and videos to new samsung VR or to public press sites that support 360° photos/videos. Through the app you can manage the entire capturing experience from your cellphone. You can also modify the perspective and configurations and sharing to social media your movie clips and pictures.

Customizable features

There are a number of methods to change the look of your pictures and videos in the cellular app and 360 Action Director software:

  • Adjust the view: 360°, expanded, round, double, or panoramic
  • Switch between double lens method and individual lens method (either front or rear)
  • Choose videos mode: conventional, image, time slip up, movie looping, or landscape HDR
  • Adjust the sharpness, white balance, wind cut, and more
  • Add geo-tagging via your smartphone
  • Take pictures and videos directly or set a delay (like a self-timer)

samsung gear 360Smartphone not required

Don’t have the right smartphone? You can still use you. Everything is documented to a small SD cards (up to 256GB). The manages on you, while easy, allow you to modify capturing method. It isn’t as convenient as using the app, but you is not ineffective without it. However, you do have to purchase a small SD cards independently. We strongly suggest a cards with U3 rate.

New samsung gear 360 (2020) weakness

While the 2017 Equipment 360 design is an improvement over the early design and similar cameras, it still fails to deliver in a few methods.

Lower image quality

One of the most popular problems from users is that the pictures and movie clips are not as clear as they expected. The 2017 design has two 8.4 mega-pixel (MP) contacts, whereas the first creation gear 360 camera had two 15 MP cameras. This reduction indicates image just isn’t quite as distinct, though this disadvantage is balanced out by the camera’s advantages, so it isn’t a deal breaker for us.

Obstructed picture

While the little manage certainly helps create the Equipment 360 simpler to support and use, it indicates you will get portion of your hand or fingertips in image. This is simply portion of using a 360° digicam, but we suggest using a tripod or selfie keep whenever you can to prevent that.

Not waterproof

While the Equipment 360 is perfect for outside activities and unique places, it’s worth noting that it is not an action digicam intended for extreme sports or activities, and it’s not waterproof. It has an IP rating of 53, making it dust- and splash-proof only.

 Not appropriate for all smartphones

The greatest issue with the new samsung Equipment 360 is that in order to fully use of apps, you need a New samsung Universe S6 cellphone or more recent. The Equipment 360 is appropriate for iPhones now, but there are “functional limitations” with iOS devices, according to the New samsung website. In other words, some functions are losing like livestreaming to public networking.

Compatible smartphones:

  • Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 Advantage, S6, S6 Advantage, S6 Edge+, and Observe 5
  • Galaxy A5/A7 (2017) operating Android operating system 5.0 or later
  • iPhone 7, 7+, 6S, 6S+, SE operating iOS 10.0 or later

If you don’t have one of these to, you can still use you, but you won’t be able to use a lot of the fun and exciting functions.

No protection features

While a 360° perspective would be an excellent function in a wireless protection camera, the New samsung gear 360 is not intended to be one. Because it joins via Wireless, you’d have to be within about 30 feet of you to discover the shocking truth feed. Additionally, there is no night vision, no motion recognition, and no signals of any kind. On top of this, you and your cellphone would have to stay connected to prevent depleting the battery power over an extended period of time. If you need a wireless protection camera, we suggest checking out one of Samsung’s video cameras or another high-definition wireless protection camera.