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Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Power Over Ethernet is a system which allows electrical power to be passed from a PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) device along the ethernet connection to supply power to a PD (Powered Device). This allows a single cable to be used to provide both data connection and electrical power to compatible devices.

PoE Classifications:

PSE devices detect the indicated power range / classification of connected PDs and allocate the necessary maximum power based on the PDs classification

The PoE classifications are as follows:

Class 0: Current (mA) 0 to 4 Power (W) 0.44 to12.94

Class 1: Current (mA) 9 to 12 Power (W) 0.44  to 3.84 Class description: Very low power

Class 2: Current (mA) 17 to 20 Power (W) 3.84 to 6.49 Class description: low power

Class 3: Current (mA) 26 to 30 Power (W) 6.49 to 12.95 Class description: Mid power

Class 4: Current (mA) 36 to 44 Power (W) 12.95 W to 25.5 W Class description: High power

The PSE will always allocate the maximum power based on the classification of the PD.

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